From an intimate dinner to a special occasion, our team of dedicated professionals will focus on ensuring that every guest at Kun’s Omakase Bar experiences an enjoyable and effortless dinner.


Executive Chef Kun have teamed up to open one of the most exciting restaurants in Vancouver.

Our speciality is private omakase course created with ingenuity and passion inspired by the flavours of Japan itself. Our number one priority is to satisfy guests and teach something new to our guest about authentic Japanese food.

We take great pride in improving upon your favorite Japanese dishes in new and creative ways by selecting  ingredients, best suited for the season based on quality of the ingredients.

We also match your personal tastes, by taking your customization request of your favorite dishes. 

Chef Special Omakase is currently not available until further notice. Instead we are taking reservations for regular dine in for now.

WEN-MON 12PM-03:00PM
WEN-MON 05:00PM-09:30PM

*Now Avaliable for Delivery*
*Partnership with Uber Eats*


Thank you for choosing Kun’s Omakase Bar for your next event. Please take a moment to read important information before making reservation.

* Chef Special Omakase is currently not available, we sincerely apology for the inconvenience

* We take reservations for regular dine in only until further notice

For more details or to book your next event please contact us via email, phone, or text with the following information and we will contact you promptly about your event.

*Phone Number

604 370 2101 (Landline number)
*Restaurant number*

778 899 3930
*Do not leave the voice message*

Thank you for choosing KUN’S OMAKASE BAR for your next event.

* Service Hours*


MON 12PM-09:30PM
WEN 12PM-09:30PM
THUR 12PM-09:30PM
FRI 12PM-09:30PM
SAT-SUN 12PM-09:30PM

*Dinner dine in open again*
WEN-MON 05:00PM-09:30PM

Now Avaliable for Delivery
Partnership with Uber

Thank you.

#150 3500 Moncton Street
Richmond, BC
604 370 2101

** Please note that prices might change due to increased costs for ingredients **